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Shenhua Electric Group (Anhui) Co. LTD

Shenhua Electric Group (Anhui) Co. LTD  is located in Tianchang City, the pearl of east Anhui Province, south of the ancient city of Nanjing, east of the historic city of Yangzhou, is located in Shanghai economic cooperation zone, with a good economic development environment. The company is specialized in: wire and cable, special cable production, sales in one of the enterprises.
The main products are: Power cable, control cable, computer cable, compensation cable, high temperature cable, high temperature flexible cable, high temperature conductor, Inverter special cable, fluorine-butyl cross-linked cable, high temperature resistant fluoro-plastic cable, heat-resistant silicone rubber anticorrosive cable, termite-proof cable, pipeline constant temperature tracing cable, automatic temperature tracing belt, 1KV and below overhead insulated cable, instrument signal cable, RS485 communication cable, 6XV1830-0EH10 communication cable, servo cable, RF cable, bus cable Data cable, spiral cable, rubber sheath cable, mining cable, Marine cable, irradiation crosslinked cable, pre-branch cable and other types of flame retardant, fire resistant, low smoke halogen free, low smoke and low halogen, intrinsically safe cable, flexible mineral insulation fireproof cable, rare earth aluminum alloy cable series, production of bridge series products: Galvanized bridge, steel bridge, metal bridge, stainless steel bridge, aluminum alloy bridge, fireproof bridge, cross bridge, ladder bridge, hot dip zinc bridge, glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge, bus trough, etc., and high and low voltage distribution cabinet and instrument complete sets of products.


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Products are used in electric power, petrochemical, cement building materials, iron and steel smelting, glass and paper, beer and other industries
Years of production experience focus on cable instrumentation
We provide you with a one-stop solution
Years of production experience with a wide variety of products
We have many years of production experience in the cable and instrument industry, with a wide variety of products available
Mainly including: cable series, instruments and meters, alloy cables, cable trays, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, and complete sets of instrument products, etc

Perfect production system quality assurance
Strictly implement production management standards and quality system
Our products meet industry production standards and have guaranteed quality

Customized according to user needs
According to the different needs of users, we can provide you with cables, meters, Bridges, distribution cabinets and other different specifications.
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Fully licensed
Have industry and product requirements certificate
Quality assurance
Many years of production experience, quality assurance
Tailor made
Customize products according to customer needs
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Product performance characteristics of high conductivity alloy cables

The alloy material and annealing process of high conductivity alloy cables reduce the tendency of conductors to "creep" under heating and pressure. Compared to pure cables, the creep resistance can be increased by 300%, avoiding relaxation problems caused by cold flow or creep.

Product characteristics and working principle of WZP-120 temperature sensing element

The WZP-120 temperature sensing element is usually used in conjunction with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic computers, etc. Directly measure the surface temperature of liquids, vapors, gas media, and solids within the range of -200~500 ℃ in various production processes.