Structural characteristics of mining cables

1. Conductive wire core: Made of copper core, with a soft structure, made by twisting multiple single wire bundles; Flexible wire conductors generally use Class 5 or Class 6 conductor structures.

2. Insulation: Rubber is generally used as the insulation material

3. The cable pitch ratio is relatively small.

4. Many products use metal weaving, with a uniform electric field, to improve the sensitivity display of insulation conditions.

5. There is a thick outer sheath, and color separation treatment is carried out underground in the mine to enable construction personnel to understand the different voltage levels of cables used.

Characteristics of Mining Cable Use

1. The scope of use is very wide, mainly using specialized cable products for mining industry surface and underground equipment, involving mining and transportation cables, cap cables, and power supply cables for underground mobile substations.

2. The use of mining cables and the accumulation of coal dust can easily cause explosions, so the safety requirements for cables are very high.

3. This product needs to be frequently moved, bent, twisted, etc. during use, so it is required that the wires are soft, structurally stable, not twisted, and have a certain degree of wear resistance.