Wear resistant thermocouple

The G series wear-resistant thermocouple has been used by hundreds of manufacturers and nearly 10000 times a year, and has a good response. This product has advantages such as vibration resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high sensitivity, good stability, high accuracy, and long service life. It is currently used as a temperature measurement protection tube in high-temperature wear-resistant fields such as power plants, cement plants, and chemical smelters.

Tungsten rhenium thermocouple

At present, non-contact methods are commonly used to measure temperatures above 1600 ℃. However, this method has significant errors, and using contact rules can accurately measure the actual temperature.

Bearing thermocouple

Bearing thermocouples are suitable for temperature measurement in bearings with bearing equipment and other places that require shock resistance. The bearing thermocouple is equipped with a shock-absorbing structure, which makes it sturdy on the surface of the tested bearing, thereby improving the accuracy of temperature measurement.

Assembling thermocouples

Industrial assembled thermocouples are commonly used as temperature transmitters in conjunction with display instruments, recording instruments, and electronic regulators. They can directly measure the surface temperature of liquids, vapors, gas media, and solids in various production processes ranging from 0 ℃ to 1800 ℃.

Furnace wall thermocouple

The furnace wall thermocouple uses armored thermocouple components with a diameter of 4 or 5 as the temperature measurement probe. The measurement end is tightly attached to the surface of the thermal conductivity plate by means of screws, clamps, or welding (welding is not suitable when using thermal resistance components).

Blow air thermocouple

The blowing thermocouple is an indispensable temperature measuring device in a 300000 ton synthetic ammonia plant, which can blow in nitrogen or other gases to send harmful gases out of the protective tube and improve the lifespan of the thermocouple.

Right angle elbow thermocouple

Our company's production of right angle elbow thermocouples is suitable for situations where high temperatures and harmful gases have an impact on the thermocouple junction box in the production site, or are not suitable for direct horizontal and vertical installation.

Explosion proof thermocouple

Industrial explosion-proof thermocouples are a type of temperature sensor widely used in chemical industry self-control systems. Through temperature sensors, explosion-proof thermocouples can convert the temperature parameters of the controlled object into electrical signals and transmit them to displays, recorders, and regulators to detect, adjust, and control the system.

Furnace top thermal resistance

WRN-0313T is suitable for power plant boiler roofs and other situations that require remote and high-pressure temperature measurement. Jinhu Lianyi Automation specializes in producing furnace top thermistors, suitable for power plant boiler roofs and other situations that require remote and high-pressure temperature measurement.

Wear resistant thermistor

In certain special occasions, such as chemical plants, smelters, power plants, cement plants, etc., using ordinary thermal resistors and thermoelectric resistors can easily damage them. Therefore, in these situations, wear-resistant thermistors must be used.

Explosion proof platinum resistor

Industrial explosion-proof platinum resistance is a temperature sensor. It is widely used in industrial automation systems. Through temperature sensors, the temperature parameters of the controlled object can be converted into electrical signals, which are transmitted to display, record, and adjust instruments to detect, adjust, and control the system.

Assembly type thermistor

The assembled thermal resistance temperature sensor is matched with a display instrument to measure the temperature of liquids, gas media, and solid surfaces within the range of -200 to 600 ℃. It is widely used in industrial sectors and technology fields such as petroleum, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, power, light textile, food, atomic energy, aerospace, etc.

Socket type thermistor

The socket type thermistor adopts a plug-in form, which is easy to install. Suitable for measuring surface temperature of liquids, gases, and solids within the range of -200-+450 ℃.

End face thermal resistance

The end face thermistor element is wrapped with specially treated wire and is tightly attached to the front end of the thermometer. Compared with general axial thermistors, the end face thermistor can more accurately and quickly reflect the actual temperature of the measured end face, and is suitable for measuring the end face temperature of bearings or other components.

Anti corrosion thermistor

The corrosion-resistant coating has good anti-corrosion performance. Except for molten metal lithium, potassium, sodium, hydrofluoric acid, and high flow rate liquid fluorine of oxygen trifluoride, it can resist almost all of its chemical media and can be used for a long time in the range of 0-250 ℃.